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Surfboard Shower Panel - Tropical Lines

Surfboard Shower Panel - Tropical Lines

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Surfboard Tropical Lines Description 

Get ready to ride a wave of relaxation with our Surfboard Shower Panel - Tropical Lines! It’s the perfect accessory for any true surf fan, allowing you to bring all the joy and peacefulness of ocean waves to your home. Whether it’s installed outdoors by a pool or patio, or indoors in your garden – no matter where you put it, this eye-catching panel is sure to provide a soothing atmosphere. The soothing sound of water combined with the fun tropical surf design will transport you right back to those carefree days spent by the beach. Go ahead and catch those perfect shower waves every day – they'll take you away!

Surfboard Shower Panel How to Use

The panel is supplied with ready technological holes for installation of shower equipment. There are many variants of shower equipment. From simple to complex. You specify where you want the holes to be made, and their sizes, and we fulfill the order. On the reverse side of the board we also make holes needed to mount the panel on the wall. The panel is made of special moisture-resistant plywood. It is protected against moisture. All the holes are sealed. If the protective coating of the board surface is not broken, the board can please you for many years. We do not include shower equipment in the set for several reasons. You choose what you like. Increasing the size of the package can be a nuisance. Because of this will increase the final price. In addition, the cost of shower kits is almost the same in different countries. Why else would you pay a second time for shipping? In addition, there may be other features of the shower installation, which is better to solve directly on the spot. So, we are ready. And you?

Shower panel dimensions: 54x12.6x0.8 inches.

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