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Sea Ripple Effect LED Lamp Surfboard for Apartment Decoration

Sea Ripple Effect LED Lamp Surfboard for Apartment Decoration

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WE are HAPPY to announce that we are BACK and that we HAVE the opportunity to SEND orders again!!!

Surfboard Shaped Wooden Decorative Chandelier With Carved Sea Ripple Effect: Volumetric Openwork Ceiling Led Lamp for Apartment Decoration.

Sea Ripple Effect LED Lamp Description

We offer a stylish and practical surfboard - Ceiling light. It will be not only a beautiful element of the interior. Every evening our board will remind you of your passion. It will be able to decorate any interior - a nursery, living room, office. It will attract attention everywhere.

LED Lamp Characteristics

Size - 91 x 22 x 2,5 cm.
Light - LED strip, 12 volts.

About Our Surfboard Lamps

Since you are interested in buying a lamp, can you take a look at our other lamps then?) We will definitely find something to offer you, we have a whole section dedicated to lamps) Among them, you can find a wide selection of wooden led night bed light lamps, floor lamps, and wall or ceiling lamps. Of course, we have led signs too. And they all are 100% handmade, even every smallest detail is handcrafted. Cool isn't it?)

Oh, and feel absolutely free to ask us about any customization/personalization. We’ll be extremely satisfied to bring any of your ideas to life in our manufactures. We believe, that together we are able to make the best personalized gift for her or him. Just let us know what you want to change and we’ll show you the future design of the product on the same day!

So, as you can see our store brings amazing décor ideas. Thanks to our products, you can bring new colors to the interior of any of your rooms. It could be a kitchen, living room, nursery (kids) room, dining room, hallway, or corridor. We’ll be really proud if our works will decorate walls or ceilings in your home. But this is not the limit, many of our products will be perfect not only for decorating the rooms inside of houses, but also backyards, gardens, terraces, bars, country or beach houses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.

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