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Blue pattern 72 inches Whale and baby whale ceiling chandelier:led lamps for beach coastal or nautical home room decor in Maori surf style

Blue pattern 72 inches Whale and baby whale ceiling chandelier:led lamps for beach coastal or nautical home room decor in Maori surf style

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Handcrafted Whale and baby whale Ceiling Chandelier Description 

Welcome to the captivating world of light and symbolism with our unique whale-shaped lamp accompanied by an adorable whale calf. This lamp not only brings light and coziness to your home but also transforms the space into an expression of care and warmth.

Whales, symbolizing strength and unity, become an inspiring spectacle in this collection. The composition with an adult whale and its offspring signifies the connection between generations, emphasizing the importance of family values. This lamp is a harmonious blend of traditions and modern design.

In the mythology and culture of various peoples, a whale calf is often perceived as a symbol of new life, hope, and endless possibilities. In our collection of whale and whale calf lamps, we embody this image, adding not only a functional element to your interior but also a symbol of positive change.

Adorned with meticulously crafted details, this lamp is not just an expression of art but also a source of inspiration. The soft illumination created by this lamp adds warmth and comfort to your space, while the graceful design of the whale and whale calf brings a sense of adventure and family unity.

Gift yourself and your home the enchanting energy of this unique collection. Whale and whale calf lamps make a wonderful gift for those who appreciate not only functionality but also deep symbolism, transporting us to the world of maritime wisdom and family harmony. May this collection bring bright moments and inspiring perspectives to your home..

Handcrafted Whale Ceiling Chandelier Characteristics 

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Wood
  • Whale - 66 inch
    Baby whale - 39 inch
    Light - LED strip, 12 volts.

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