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Decorative Surfboard Wall Artwork with Mermaid Pattern

Decorative Surfboard Wall Artwork with Mermaid Pattern

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Decorative Surfboard Wall Artwork Description

Is your home or bar feeling a little too landlocked? Then cast off the chains of ordinary décor and set sail for the open sea with this Decorative Surfboard with Mermaid Pattern. This unique piece is sure to give any room a beachy atmosphere that will have friends and family clamoring for invitations. And at this price, it's a steal! So don't delay, order today while supplies last.

This surfboard is perfect for your indoor or outdoor decor.

We want to remind you of the pleasant moments of summer.

When you defeated the waves, saw friends and had a good time.

These are perfect for a child's room, or any themed room.

Surfboard Characteristics

Suitable for mounting on a wall or shelf / furniture
Height: 40" inch (100 cm)
Width: 8.7" inch (22 cm)
Thickness: 0.8" inch (0,8 cm)

About Our Surfboard Decors

Our boards are the real creativity of people who love their work and want others to see and love their results. We start each board as new and unique. And so it turns out. We do not have industrial production. Each piece is handmade. For each board, we think about which technologies and apply the best. For boards that are located inside the premises, we use one technology, for boards outside - others. We experiment with materials all the time and strive to make you admire them. We want and try to do so))). And we will continue to amaze you.

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