Collection: Surfboards with Floral/Flowers Print

Discover our unique collection of surfboard-inspired home decor, each piece adorned with stunning floral prints. This exclusive range includes the Flowers Surfboard Shaped Ceiling Chandelier, perfect for adding a touch of surf and sun to your pool or billiard room. Elevate your living space with our handcrafted Surfboard Bench, featuring vibrant blue Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Transform your entertainment area with our Surfboard Bar Table, accented with a cheerful yellow flower design. Finally, complete your tropical paradise with our Tropical Wood Coffee Table, elegantly decorated with palm leaves and pink flowers. Each item in our collection blends the spirit of the ocean with the beauty of flora, making them ideal for surf enthusiasts and lovers of unique, nature-inspired decor. Available in various prices and with options to choose specific features, these pieces are not just furnishings but a lifestyle statement. Surf's up in style!